Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have your DOC file got converted to DOCX ? solution is here!!

Today one of my co-ordinator request me to check a DOC file on my network which got some problem and thus unable to open in its original form. And that file had some important audit report of around 14 pages the audit officer was frustrated and asked me to retreive the data by any method and let him take cool breath. The moment I as usual got on to google and requested to find out the solution for this. So ultimately as usual i got it. So now its here for your reference and help. New Office & Word application from Microsoft has newer version of format called Docx, which replaces doc format as peviously used. Files with docx format does not open in older office application and only works fine with new version of Office. So I recommend of one the best methods to open your such DOCX documents successfully is by downloading Microsoft Compatibility Pack. Though there are few websites which provides you online conversion but for getting your converted file through e-mail frustrates for sure. Be happy with microsofts compatibility pack and enjoy!