Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get started on your job hunt with Word templates

Applies to Ms Word 2002 and 2003
Looking for a new job can be challenging, but sometimes a tiny boost can give you a huge head start. You can find the boost you need at the Templates on Microsoft Office Online Web site, which offers hundreds of preformatted templates and example documents that you can download to use with Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office XP.

By using templates that are designed just for your job search — including resumes, cover letters, and letters of acceptance — you can avoid the overwhelming task of starting with a blank page. Templates give you a starting point as you modify job information to match your own experience. The formatting and layout are already done, so you can focus instead on the words and content that really make you stand out.

Use templates from the Office Templates site

  1. Click one of the links listed, or find a template that you want to use on the Office Templates Web site.
  2. When you find the template that you want, click the Download Now button to download the template. A new document, based on the selected template, opens in Word.
  3. To save the document to your computer, click Save As on the File menu.
  4. You can now edit and customize the document.

Resumes for any style, experience, or situation

You can choose from hundreds of resume templates to find the style, employment background, or specific situation that has led you to look for a new job.
You can find resumes for specific situations — for example, if you are a high school graduate and have previous work experience, if you want to transfer to a different department within your company, or if you are looking for advancement in your career. You can also find templates that are tailored for particular positions or fields, or you can choose templates that are formatted with different styles and themes

Transfer within company resume
Audio/visual production specialist resume
Chronological resume (Blue Line theme)
Functional resume emphasizing education
Legal firm accountant resume

Note   The following templates are for Word 2003 only:
Chronological resume (Traditional theme)
Functional resume (Minimalist theme)

Letters of reference

In addition to cover letters, there are templates to help you secure letters of reference. You can ask former employers for letters of recommendation. Then you can send them thank-you letters. You may even want to point your references to the list of templates for employee reference letters.
Request for reference from ex-boss
 Note   The following templates are for Word 2003 only:
Reference list
Request for reference from manager

Following up

After you send out a stellar resume and cover letter with references, and you interview for the position, a template can help with your interview follow-up. You can also get started preparing letters to respond to job offers.
Follow-up to cover letter and resume submission
Withdrawal from consideration for open position
 Note   The following templates are for Word 2003 only:
Thank-you for interview
Acceptance of job offer
Thank-you for successful reference