Monday, August 10, 2009

Ms Office Tools MS Access Snapshot viewer

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Today I am going to put forth the information about snapshot viewer. You may have come across this before or may have never. So lets check what's ultimate microsoft people has done for the ms office users around the world. First lets learn about snapshot viewer
Snapshot Viewer is a program that you can use to view, print, and mail a snapshot, such as a report snapshot. Snapshot Viewer version 9.0 consists of a stand-alone executable program, a Snapshot Viewer control (Snapview.ocx), a help file, and other related files. By default, Snapshot Viewer is automatically installed by Microsoft Access 2000 the first time you create a report snapshot. You can also install Snapshot Viewer from the Setup program, or from a World Wide Web software download page located at the Microsoft Access Developer's Web site. You can use the Snapshot Viewer control to view a snapshot from Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0 or later or from any application that supports ActiveX controls, such as Access or Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.
This is what about the snapshot viewer the programme help says all about.