Saturday, November 1, 2008

Introduction to Data Fields

A database from scratch
create a database using one of the available templates. This approach provides you with readily made objects you can directly start using. Another technique consists of creating an empty database that has no built-in object. Starting a database from scratch allows you to create and add its different objects when necessary. The main advantage of this approach is that you will exercise as much control as possible on your database because you will be creating all of your objects. The disadvantage is that you will miss that primary layout that the templates offer. Creating a database from scratch simply means starting from a blank database and adding the different components. Of course, after learning how to perform some changes, you will be able to modify some aspects of a database, whether created from a template or started from scratch.
To create a database from scratch, if you are just launching Microsoft Access, in the left section, you can click Featuring. Then, in the main section in the middle, click Blank Database, give a name in the File Name text box, and click Create.