Monday, June 11, 2007

Power Point Presentation are even look nice without much animation!!

Hi deareader, hope you will find this post helpful. If you make presentations in Power Point frequently or on regular basis you will want to add more animation on each slide so as to make the presentation look dynamic and even more attractive. If you do so you might come across a problem that you may ignore. Giving animation doesnt help you make a good presentation instead it will slow down your presentation's performance. So remember these points you cover important points necessary description and cool picture for demonstration on each slide apply no animation or slide transition to your slides because it needs more memory and thus slow down the process. So what you have to do is remove animation and remove slide transition and make plane cool presentation and check its performance it will run like a horse even on low configuration systems. So you can notice some standard and dynamic presentation style in such slide shows where there very less animation used. So i think its better idea to avoid using animation in slides. This will let you create as many as slides in a single power point file. So enjoy this idea by using it practically. For more queries on this feel free to write me @

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